This is our STOCK COLOR CHART. The printing inks we keep on our shelves.
If we don't stock the color you need, we will mix any color; $15 charge per color
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PMS & STOCK colors listed here are approximations only!

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PMS approx.


WF Russell Gray

PMS 428c

WF Dark Gray

PMS 430c


Union Silver Shimmer
Bright Gold Shimmer

WF MX Florescent Yellow

PMS 809c

WF Florescent Pink

PMS 812c

Bubblegum Pink

PMS 211c

WF Rebel Flesh

PMS 148c

WF Lemon Yellow

PMS 107c

WF Light Gold

PMS 116c

WF Dolphin Orange

PMS 021c

WF Super Red

PMS 186c

WF Drake Red

PMS 187c

WF Russell Cardinal

PMS 194c

WF Burgandy

PMS 222c

WF Dallas Green

PMS 348c

WF Kelly (Forest)

PMS 3425c

WF Contact Blue

PMS 2925c

WF Light Royal

PMS 661c

WF Bears Navy

PMS 654c

WF Russell Purple

PMS 520c

WF Navy

PMS 539c

WF Spice Brown

PMS 4635c

WF Dark Brown

PMS 440c



PMS approx.
MixOpake Blue - Green Shade PMS 647c
MixOpake Violet PMS 2685c
MixOpake Magenta PMS 2587c
WF MX Marine PMS 2746c
WF MX Blue PMS 295c
WF MX Red PMS 209c
WF MX Violet PMS 2746c
CC Maroon PMS 490c
CC Red PMS 193c
CC Orange PMS 172u
CC Gold PMS 1235c
CC Yellow PMS 109c
CC Kelly Green PMS 342u
CC Dark Green PMS 250u
CC Teal PMS 321u
CC Columbia Blue PMS 659c
CC Royal Blue PMS 287u
CC Navy PMS 2797c
CC Purple PMS 2685u
CC Gray PMS 429c