Sizing - Payment - Rush Charges - Shipping - How To Order

Please understand, when sending a quote, that it is impossible for us to list every pricing detail in an email. You may not have given us your sizes or told us how you intend to handle payment. To be sure that we have all of your details, please fill out the quote form at this location; http://www.signaturesx.com/quoteform.htm. This page is an attempt to be sure that you, our valuable customer, are aware of all additonal costs that may be incurred.

SIZING - please be aware that sizes larger than XL are slightly more in price. These prices are detailed on the page that displays the product being ordered.

PAYMENT - we accept checks, credit cards and in rare cases; net 10 with a purchase order
Checks -
we don’t process the order until we receive your check. FedEx and UPS charge around $12 to send an overnight check. If checks are drawn on a branch bank that is not located in the Memphis area, we require a 10 day waiting period for the check to clear the bank.
Credit Cards -
Information required when paying by credit card:
1) Cardholders name
2) Type of card
3) card number
4) Expiration Date
5) V-Code (last 3 digits on the back of the card-Visa & MC or 4 digits on front of card-Amex)
6) Billing address for card - including zip code
7) phone number of the billing address

Net 10 - these terms must be approved in advance. The following is required for these terms;
1) a signed purchase order stating that payment will be made in 10 days
2) name of the person that handles accounts payable
3) email address for the accounting person (fax # if email address is not available)

Our normal shipping time is 2 weeks. If you need your order sooner than this, We may charge a rush charge, depending on how full our production schedule is.This charge will be quoted to you at the time you are ready to finalize the order. (when payment and art is received)

Our normal shipping is by UPS ground. We WILL have your order to you on time! Sometimes this may require rush charges and special shipping. We will give you the exact pricing that is required for you to receive your order by the date neeeded.


1. Call or e-mail us and communicate with a salesperson. Please don't send art before making contact with us because the art may be intercepted by our server as spam. Your salesperson will guide you and the art thru the process. (toll free: 877-503-7415; Signatures@SignaturesX.com
2. Send Us Your Art
here for instructions]
3. Send us your Address
E-mail your shipping address
to the person you have been talking with, or send it to: signatures@signaturesx.com Please identify the person you have been talking with.
4) Send us your Credit Card Info:
a) E-mail your credit card info
to the person you have been talking with or call and the salesperson will take the info over the phone.
b) Fax: 901-327-7821
c) Phone (Toll Free): 877-503-7415